Moisture Mapping & Equipment Logs

RocketDry makes your drying data accessible anywhere, anytime. Track daily drying data, create psychometric reports and log equipment with our easy-to-use platform. 

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No more transferring it from paper logs or search through scattered emails or clunky apps

RocketScan allows for quick and efficient documentation of ALL photos and notes into ONE app. A time-saving solution for field technicians, all of your photos, notes, sketches and damages are automatically organized by location, unit, room and album. This makes it extremely easy for Project Managers and Estimators to do their jobs more efficiently! Save time by using RocketScan!

One-click reporting

, our one-click reporting makes saving and sharing your data easy and convenient. 

Real-time access

With RocketDry, you'll have real-time access to your drying data whenever you need it.

See what thousands of water damage contractors already know:

RocketDry takes the hassle out of managing your moisture data so you can focus on other things—like growing your business.

Your time is valuable, so why leave the insurance companies to decide what you get paid? Get organized, Get efficient, GET ROCKETPLAN! 

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