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    No set up, No training  
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Hero Ir
IR Restoration Photo
  • Thermal imaging?
  • Yes, with RocketPlan you can!
    We integrate with Teledyne FLIR so that
    you get ALL images in one place.
  • Teledyne Flir
  • RocketScan 📸
  • Photos, Damages & Sketches
  • All job site Photos, Damages, Sketches & Notes automatically organized by location, in units, rooms & albums.

    Built for Technicians in field to allow Project Managers and Estimators to do their jobs more efficiently! 

    ✓ Neatly organized documentation
    ✓ Automated report generation
    ✓ Easily share information with stakeholders & adjusters
  • RocketScan
  • RocketDry 💨
  • Moisture Logs & Equipment Tracking
  • Convert rooms from RocketScan to
    chambers to place and track drying equipment with ease.

    Accurate equipment logs & energy consumption reports to speed up your billing process.

    ✓ Automatically generated equipment lists
    ✓ Moisture Logs & Reporting
    ✓ Equipment Tracking, from warehouse to chamber
Photo of a job site with drying equipment behind an screenshot of the equipment log in RocketDry.
  • RocketContent 📦
  • Inventory & Content Management
  • Inventory and content management should be easy! 
    Automatically generate content lists and know exactly where all items are at all times so that you can provide a top notch service to your clients.

  • RocketContent
Hero Pro
Flir One Pro Rocketplan
  • FLIR ONE Pro
  • The FLIR ONE Pro helps you find invisible problems faster than ever!

    Make your damage assessment &
    documentation with RocketPlan
    more efficient!
  • Teledyne Flir
  • RocketClock 🕒
  • Accurate Reporting & Time Tracking
  • Maximize your billable hours & get accurate job costing with precise time tracking. With RocketClock your team tracks time against projects as part of their regular workflow! 

    ✓ Allocate hours to Projects
    ✓ Time Stamp & GPS Tracking
    ✓ Automated Payroll processing
Graph to show time associated with different projects
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